Penthouse Wörthersee

A small pearl embedded in the middle of high quality apartments. The incredible view from most of the rooms is an essential part of the special overall ambience of this penthouse.

Straight lines and clear structures were applied in the interior design.

The clean furniture style combined with strong colours get the maximum out of the existing architecture.

Location: Bellevue building Techelsberg

Services: complete concept design, manufacture of furniture, implementation and assembly

Implementation period: 2020 / 2021


Straight lines are the basis for design and function of the kitchen. By means of  the bright front design elements like natural stone and glass cabinets make the strongest impression. Black elements in different shapes can be found in the whole kitchen as well as eating and living area.
The eating area is the centre of the room. This impression is strengthened by a round table. Black chairs create an alternation of black-and-white and provide for a connection to the lighting and the rest of the apartment.
The pendant light combines all creative aspects of the concept. A special source of lighting reinforces the impression of this area once again.
The clear colour concept is interrupted by the fireplace design which continues across the eating area and finally ends with the sitting room furnishings.
By means of black elements a connection to the rest of the room can be sustained.
At the same time a blend of materials and the colour mix of decorative pillows establishes connections to the outdoor facility.

The uniform distribution of the front design combined with black elements continues in this room. Increased use of earth tones finds acceptance in the colour concept. By using more glass the furnishings create a light effect and emphasize the depths of the room.
Lighting consists of delicate lines.
A personal spa with nature-loving materials and colours. The play of colours can be found in the wallpaper again. Its organic motif reflects the connection to the surroundings.
The big mirror surfaces make the room look larger. The free-standing bath and the walk-in shower, which can be accessed from both sides, turn your bathroom into a well-being oasis.
The smallest room of the apartment impresses with a panelling. It contains a washbasin as well as stylish storage capacity. The joint pattern is highlighted by strong colour.