Timeless and sophisticated interior design

Custom-made furniture

Custom-made furniture and overall furnishing areas are produced from high-quality materials. The single pieces are characterised by precision and aesthetics.

National & international designer brands

Our range includes all kinds of interior design products for the entire furnishing areas from well-known international designer brands and national companies alike.

S3 Raum & Design Showroom

The S3 Showroom showcases possible living space concepts, photorealistic rendering, and individual interior design products as well as various materials, patterns and processing techniques.

Our knowledge of traditional crafts opens up new perspectives in interior architecture

S3 Raum & Design has developed from a traditional artisan business. This provides the company with immeasurable know-how about materials, processing techniques, functional analyses, and quality criteria for the evaluation of interior design products as well as years of experience in the production of furniture and entire furnishing areas. Working closely with our partners, we produce custom-made furniture pieces and furnishing areas (bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.) for our customers.

Our assortment consists of a wide range of national and international brands

For our assortment, we choose appropriate national and international brands that meet our discerning quality criteria and design standards. By attending international trade exhibitions, we always complement our product range. What is more, design trends are part of our daily research. Our interior design products range from carpets, wallpapers, lighting systems, chairs, dining tables, and sofas to all furnishing products for the entire living area.

photos ©: Manutti, Paola Lenti, Brokis, Meridiani, Softline, Ligne Pure

Spaces to experience in our S3 Raum & Design Showroom

In our 380m2 S3 Raum & Design Showroom plus outdoor area, we showcase possible furnishing concepts, a variety of products from international brands and our handcrafted S3 designer pieces. Different materials, patterns and processing techniques can be viewed and felt in our showroom. Customers also get an insight into our concept using visualisations.

S3 stools & tables

Michael Schellander designs tables and stools made from local trees of various species, which are treated and processed in a complex process lasting several days. The appreciation of nature is our top priority. Only dead trees are processed, the vitality of which unfolds to be enjoyed again in living spaces. Furthermore, manual production takes place in the S3 workshop. No tree is like any other and therefore the individual design pieces are characterised by their uniqueness.