Overall interior architecture concept

Overall living space concept

Over the years and under the direction of Michael Schellander, S3 Raum & Design has evolved into an international interior design company. The core competence of S3 lies in the comprehensive conception of the interior architecture of living space, i.e. individual living areas for private as well as business settings. The implementation is carried out from planning to assembly.

Sophisticated interior architecture

The total work of art of our interior architecture impresses with our high standards of perfection, quality, functionality and aesthetics. The personality of the people who revive these living spaces and live in them is reflected in the design style and ultimately in the overall concept. The harmony of body and mind and thus harmony in the home is the focus of our room concepts.

Photorealistic rendering

With photorealistic visualisations we are able to accurately illustrate our living space concepts for our customers right from the beginning. This is an added value that vastly increases the customers’ imagination and offers a good aid in the decision-making.

photos – photorealistic rendering.

S3 Raum & Design offers many services, including:

» Overall interior design concepts for individuals, architects, companies, property developers and real estate agents.


» Design and implementation of living spaces and individual living areas up to assembly.


» Photorealistic rendering.


» Sale of individual interior products.

» Production of custom-made furniture.


» Coordination with architects and partners from different industries.


» Art consulting and sales.


» Refurbishment and adaptation of existing furnishings as part of overall concepts.