Reifnitz penthouse

With a direct view of the Lake Wörthersee, the Panoramaperle residential complex overlooks the village of Reifnitz. An eclectic mix of modern furnishing styles and antiques in combination with the processed materials of the highest quality underline the uniqueness of this project. The nature as well as the quiet environment are reflected in the interior and create a place where you can unwind.

Location: Panoramaperle, Reifnitz

Services: overall conception, photorealistic rendering, fabrication of furniture, implementation and assembly

Implementation period: summer/autumn 2020

The focus of the overall concept is an eclectic mix of modern furnishing styles and antiques. High-quality processed walnut in combination with noble materials such as Silestone and matching fabrics bring together traditional craftsmanship and modern interior design.

Fashion by Oscar W

You will be welcomed by custom-made carpentry work. The structure of the veneer makes the entrance area look more vivid. Round coat hooks made of glass underline the playful wood structure without taking precedence over it.

Breaking through symmetry with skilfully placed accessories. At the same time, mirror surfaces make the room look larger and combine functionality with design elements.

Clear lines ground the restless veins of the stone used. Materials that have already been used are taken up again and allow the cooking and living areas to blend seamlessly together.

The high quality of the manufactured kitchen furniture reflects the elegance of the materials, creating a symbiosis on which the eye may linger.

A central place that brings people together, sets the stage for interesting conversations and represents time together.

Antique clocks are underlined by matching textiles such as soft furnishings and carpets. Light fittings in a wide variety of designs and colours symbolise diversity and, on the whole, draw together the individual elements to create a unified impression.

The core of the living space is formed by the symbiosis between the comfort of a contemporary wood-burning stove and clear, reduced design. Colour-matched textiles contribute to the feeling of cosiness.

Fashion by Oscar W

Clear lines merge with the architecture of the room and are interrupted by a central point consisting of walnut in combination with metal and glass. The transparent glass doors allow a tantalising glimpse into the interior, making the wardrobe design more exciting without appearing restless.

Allowing space for the daily rituals for yourself which is made possible in the splendid ambience of the master bathroom.

In the bathroom and the bedroom alike, we are committed to creating a place that meets all functional needs while simultaneously giving the possibility of unwinding through individuality in the design.