Penthouse Techelsberg

The penthouse is embedded in a building which provides a breath-taking view over the Wörthersee. By using high quality decoration the interior design reflects the unique location and the surroundings of the building.

The focus of the furnishing concept is on the combination of the surrounding nature and the unique designer pieces which underline the spectacle of the nature. Elements like natural stone, wood and earth tones are essential parts of the plan. The combination of modern wall design and a fanciful lighting system completes the arrangement.

Location: Bellevue building Techelsberg

Services: complete concept design, photorealistic depiction, manufacture of furniture, implementation and assembly

Implementation period: 2020 / 2021

When entering the penthouse you are welcomed by a stone wall. This wall represents the origin of the whole colour scheme and can be seen as a fixed component from each room. By means of different colour progression and the depths of the wood grain this design element ensures liveliness in the penthouse.
Organic round shapes break up straight structures. Transparent curtains are placed in lively waves. The sparkle of water is imitated by the shimmering silk in the carpet. Wall panelling and cupbopardsare kept in the background and their colour and function merges with the room architecture.
The combination of materials compricing wood, metals and and fabric is used  differently and can be found all over the penthouse. Clear lines are weakened by round shapes of the furnishings which can be found in each component.
The interior architecture includes a fireplace which gives warmth and provides a relaxing atmosphere during the cold season.
A monolith – made of a single stone. By means of modern influence in connection with high-grade natural materials a product of highest quality was produced. The kitchenette made of stone wins over not only by its innovation. It also reflects the innovative capability inside. Indirect drawer lighting as well as electric drawer opening combine modern technology with traditional craftsmanship.


By means of pocket-doors the kitchen unit merges with the panelling giving ground to the kitchenette made of stone.

The use of parsol glass creates spatial depth and conveys vastness.  A fanciful lighting system in the inner part of the wardrobe makes the clothes to be part of the fascinating room composition. The whole showcase can be seen when opening the wardrobe.
A selection of earthy tones symbolizes the closeness to nature. Black accents are designed as contrasts which round off the overall concept.
“Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them”. David Hume
Sparkling surfaces project light and breathe simplicity into the nature-loving colour scheme of the furnishings.
Descending the rocky steep forest you reach the peacock blue Wörthersee. Its abstract depiction you can find in the bedroom. The masterbed is embedded in nature and offers with its indirect lighting a special place for relaxation.
A room-high moss wall provides a bridge to the wood behind the penthouse. Heavy dark materials like stone and metal earth the furnishings.


Colours lend rooms a unique character.  The wallpaper with its play of colours makes the room shine and offers a pleasant atmosphere. The indirect mirror lighting creates an additional depth reinforced by black matt accents.
When entering the terrace glowing colours make you feel the summer. High-quality outdoor furniture offer a variety of possibilities to be enchanted by the unique view. Rounded forms flatter the linear architecture of the house. They establish a relationship with the surroundings and add contrasts in bright colours at the same time.
Modern lounge furniture invite you to enjoy the warm summer evenings. Modern architecture combined with organic forms embedded in summer colours. Various structures of the cover material give every piece of furniture a special touch.